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Who: Remus Lupin and Sirius Black
Where: Sirius' office
When: Mid-afternoon
Why: Because Remus can't visit the school without seeing Sirius.
Rating: PG?
Method: Thread-based.

Remus had just entered the Hogwarts doors when he began to climb the stairs that would eventually lead him to what would hopefully be Sirius' current office. He smiled softly to himself, thinking vaguely of all the times that they argued with him that being a teacher was just not for them. Remus glanced around him, trying to will back the knowledge of which stairs led to where. The stairs to the right lead to the Defense classroom, while the other to his left lead him towards the Muggle Studies classroom.

Vaguely remembering something that Tonks had mentioned to him to go on, he started up the stairs on the right. After about 20 minutes of aimless wandering, he finally found the hallway he was looking for. He smiled again, sniffing the air lightly. Sirius was definitely near-by in one of the rooms. He had yet to find someone that had Sirius' unique smell of cinnamon, and sandalwood. There was always a hint of the woods in his scent, as if he had just been running through the forest.

Remus hadn't seen Sirius for a few weeks, and he was particularly glad that he had finally made an effort to come up to the school. Sure, the Wolfsbane Potion was what persuaded him to come in the long run, but seeing Sirius was just an added bonus. As well as seeing Tonks and the others, of course.

Remus walked up to the door, rapping politely on the closed door. "Sirius? Are you there?"
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