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Who? Seamus and Padma
Where? The dressing room
When? After rehearsal
Rating? PG-13! sort of.. I guess.

Padma was sitting in front of a mirror after rehearsal washing the green paint off of her face slowly. As she stared at herself in the mirror one could tell she wasn't really looking at her reflection, but her thoughts were elsewhere as well as her gaze. She shook her head softly, wringing out the rag then wetting it again to have another go at the paint.

After practically running from his costume change, Seamus was inside the room in a matter of moments, not even bothering to knock. He remembered once he saw Padma sitting there, paused sheepishly, and then retreated. He tried the process again, and knocked obediently. Three times.

She thought she caught movement out of the corner of her eye, but her thoughts caused her mind to move a little slow. Padma gave a small jump as she heard the knocks. "C-come in!" she called, drying off her face and beginning to run a brush through her hair.

Grinning, Seamus came in again, one of his hands behind his back. He went up behind her and kissed her swiftly on the cheek. "Got somethin' for ye, see?" Still smiling, boyishly, Seamus handed over a very beautiful and very delicate white rose.

She flushed and smiled softly as she accepted the rose. "Why Seamus, how'd you manage this?" she inquired quietly, looking up at him.

Seamus looked thoughtful, playfully so, and it was clear that her troubles weren't even dawning to be troubles to him. "Magic, o' course."

She looked back down at the rose, lost in her thoughts again. She placed it carefully down on the counter before those brown hues matched his again. "Seamus, there's something I need to speak with you about.." she said, flushing slightly again.

"Sure." Seamus pulled up one of the stools by the counter and sat. He was still smiling, but waited for her to begin. He figured it had something to do with school, or that maybe she was nervous about the play.

Her gaze faltered and her head tilted slightly as she started, "Seamus.. do you realize how little we see each other lately..?"

The idea had crossed his mind several times, but Seamus frowned, and shrugged a bit. "Well, yeh, but we're both busy with the play and everythin'...and with the escortin'...there's not really much time other than dinner and when we're both not rehearsin'..."

"Yes, I know, that's why I've been thinking that may.. that maybe we should reconsider this.." she refused to meet his eyes after she said this. She bit her bottom lip, awaiting with slight fear his response.

Confusion was the only thing she would hear, since Seamus wasn't even along the same lines as she was. "Reconsider wot? The play?"

She looked up at him, a bit exasperated with his naivety, and it reflected in her tone of voice, "I'm mean our relationship."

Seamus was quiet for a long moment, taken aback, and his hands found the front of the stool. The fact that Padma was possibly in the process of breaking up with him minimally registered, and he laughed, nervously. "Why? I try to see ya as much as I can, Padma...I see you at least every day...are you sayin' you'd be happier with someone else?" Like that bloody eejit Stephen Cornfoot...

She shook her head, unsure now. She was becoming nervous and ran a hand through her hair as a result, "No, but perhaps if you had been a Ravenclaw.." she didn't want to finish that sentence. Her eyes turned toward him filled with pain for a brief second before they turned away. She was biting her lip again. Oh dear..

"Me? A ravenclaw? Blarney Hell, that what this is about?? Is it cause...I'm not smart like those eejits in the same house with ye?" Seamus was very aware of the oxymoron in that sentence, but he didn't address it. "D'ya think that I would see you more if I could? I'm doing me best, Padma, I like ya. I like ya a lot...that has to be enough, doesn't it? Who cares about those other ravenclaws, huh? They're not excitin' like me, are they? Would they teach you how to skip rocks, huh?" Seamus was becoming anxious also, and he began to tap the stool. His voice wasn't raising, but he did have an Irish temper. "No, they'd just take ya to the library..."

She tried not to smile. He was so adorable! "Oh, Seamus, no. Your intelligence has nothin' to do with this, I swear." She was quiet for a moment, trying to word this correctly, "I know that I shouldn't be so daft as to think you wouldn't see me more if you had the chance, but recently I've just been thinking that maybe if we'd been in the same house, it wouldn't be as hard to see each... Merlin's beard, Seamus, I like you a lot too. I don't want to lose you either, but.. I had to either address this or go bonkers.." She shook her head and began to sniffle, "I'm sorry.."

Still a bit unsure, Seamus got up, but stayed where he was by the stool. "No, it's...fine, I jist...didn't want...I want to see you more, can we...? We're not allowed to leave our dorms after a certain time anymore, so..."

She merely shrugged. She didn't know. As she ran a finger swiftly under her eyes she replied, "I haven't got all the answers, you know.."

"I know..." Seamus didn't know. He looked at her helplessly, and then sat back down again. "I'm sorry too."

She put her face in her hands, took a deep breath, then ran both hands through her hair and looked up at him. "Now what?" she asked softly.

"I dunno," Seamus sighed, and then pushed away from the back of the stool. Without saying a word, he knelt in front of Padma and put his hands on her arms. Then, leaning up, slowly, Seamus finally just kissed her.

She'd watched his descent with slight curiosity, but when he kissed her she lost all train of thought. She placed her hands softly on his shoulders, kissing him back.

Now, Seamus was a gentleman, and although he knew how to kiss (and rather well, if he may say so himself) he always pulled back appropriately. "Is that why yer so quiet lately?"

Her eye lids fluttered open. She always had to take a moment to regather herself when he kissed her, but he'd never quite kissed her like this before so it took a little more time. With this is mind, she replied a bit stupidly, "What?"

Seamus noticed this, and felt a bit daring, and so decided that maybe he'd distract her a little more. Besides, the remenants of the green paint brought out her eyes rather nicely. In response, Seamus shrugged, and kissed her again instead.

She raised a brow at his shrug but then grinned as he leaned in to kiss her again. One of her hands gracefully found its way to the back of his neck while the other remained on his shoulder.

This time, Seamus was sure to take a little while before pulling back, and then did so slowly. He grinned again. "Yer green."

She laughed outright a little, before placing the hand that was on his shoulder over her mouth. Padma nearly asked what he meant by that but then realized with slight horror, "The paint.. Oh bollucks!" She laughed despite.

He laughed, and continued to dab the paint gently. It was starting to come off a little. "No, it looks good. Suits ya and everythin'..."

"You would say that," she teased. There were several moments of silecne before she spoke again. This time there was a different look in her eyes. She grabbed his wrist that was dabbing the remnants of paint off gently and said, "Seamus..would you come with me somewhere?"

Faintly surprised, Seamus looked at her for a moment, and then broke into a grin. "Sure..." He set down the washcloth, the obedient boyfriend, and stood. "Right now?"

Her grin became alluring, "Yeh.. Right now.." She intertwined her fingers with his and stood before adding softly, "I want to show you something.." With a small glint in her eye she picked up the rose and kissed him deeply.

There was absolutely no way that Seamus could or would want to resist that. He returned the kiss for as long as she would allow him to, and the disappointment was evident when she pulled away to speak. This time, he only nodded dumbly.

"Shall we then?" she inquired with a raised brow and quite a different tone than when this conversation started.

Seamus found that a relief, actually, and he nodded again. "Yeh..." He closed his hand around hers, and waited for her to lead them from the room.

She smiled and took him out of the dressing room to... wherever she had in mind.
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