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Ancient Disgraced Fiery Sands

Who? The Patil Twins
When? Lunch
Where? The Great Hall
Rating? PG or something like it

Parvati was chatting loudly with Lavender about costume designs and materials when she spotted Padma coming in to the Great Hall. She handed over the sketches to Lavender and excused herself. "Oi, Padma" she called out to her twin with a smile, "Can I speak with you for a bit?"

Padma had just entered and was intent on sitting down unnoticed for a bit so she could make a quick exit back to the library, but her sister's voice was heard and she stopped. The voice wasn't unpleasant. If it had to be anybody, she was glad it was Parvati. She stopped and smiled replying, "All right.."

The twin grinned and grabbed her sister's hand, leading her outside. "Mind if we take a walk?" she inquired, though it was more of a rhetorical question than anything.

They were already outside before she could answer. She raised a brow at her twin's eagerness. "What's this all about?"

"I just wanted to speak with you in private, that's all. Can't a sister speak with her twin alone?" There was something definitely going on here.

And Padma noticed but decided to go along with it. She replied slowly and with suspicion, "All right.."

"Great! Is here all right?" She'd chosen a spot under a willow tree by the lake. Parvati had already seated herself and was looking up at Padma eagerly.

"Of course," she replied. She was actually quite fond of the spot she'd picked and seated herself across from her twin. Their knees touched like they always did when they chatted. "What's it you wanted to talk about?"

"You and Seamus. I must say I'm very interested to hear if the rumours are true," she replied coolly with a sly smile.

Padma's eyes widened in shock. "What do you mean by that?" she inquired with slight urgency.

"Well, Lavender claims she saw you and Seamus leaving the dressing room yesterday after rehearsal, giggling and whispering to each other. She said she could have sworn Seamus looked quite enthused.."

Padma's face burned. She knew she didn't have to ask, but she did anyway, "Exactly what are you implying?"

Parvati quirked her head to the side somewhat, twirling a finger in her braid, and replied sweetly, "Why that you two have come to 'know' each other because if you have I've got some great tricks for next time. There's this one where you are on top and Seamus wou--" She smiled.

It took Padma a moment for the phrase to register, then her eyes widened in shock and she nearly screeched, interrupting her sister, "WHAT? Are you crazy?! I-.. we-.."

Parvati only laughed at her sister's stuttering and reached to pat her on the knee. "Padma. Padma! It's all right! I won't tell mum or anything."

"But nothing happened! I swear it to you, Parvati!" She was near hysterics now, fearing that her precious bookworm reputation might be shot from here on out. "Parvati, you've got to promise me you won't go spreading this vicious rumour about."

Parvati rolled her eyes and sighed, hoping her sister would have just admitted to it so she'd have something more to gossip about. Padma appeared to be truly pierced by the accusation though that she didn't have the heart to go on with it. She gave an assuring smile as she told Padma, "All right, all right. No need to worry."

Padma gave a sigh of slight relief, but her heart was still beating wildly. She couldn't believe that Lavender would say something like that! Memories of yesterday came to her mind though, and she smiled in spite of herself. Then she thought about earlier on what her sister had been talking about, "Wait, what're these things you've got? I mean.. How do you know..?"

She stopped smiling and coughed briefly, "I've only read about them, I swear, Padma."

The twin quirked a brow, "All right. I believe you."

Quickly changing the subject, she thought on questioning Padma's mysterious smile earlier. "What were you smiling about?" she asked with a smile.

"Hmm? Nothing," she giggled in response.


"What?" she laughed.

"You know what!" she began to laugh as well.

Padma stood and began to walk back towards the school. "Come on, Parvati. Don't want to be late to class do we? What's it you have next? Divination?"

Parvati stood and ran girlishly to catch up with her sister. "Oh yeah!" she began to run ahead of her sister, "Hurry, Padma, hurry! I can't be late!"

She rolled her eyes, giggling. She thought to herself, 'Thank Merlin I got her off that subject..'
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