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Tracey Davis

WHO: Tracey Davis and Adrian Pucey.
WHEN: In the eveningtime.
WHERE: The Slytherin Commonroom.
WHY: Because everyone's SO bored.
RATING: PG-13 for innuendos. But that's IT, people.

After being escorted back into the commonroom from the library, and uttering a few snarky comments under her breath to the poor, blinking teacher, Tracey entered the commonroom in a bad mood. She immediatly went to the fire, and sat down in front of it with a tiny huff. The commonroom was empty, for now, and she leaned back against her hands and closed her eyes, while reaching up with one hand to move through her hair in slow, detangling strokes. She loved her hair. It was her best feature...not that the others weren't just as nice. In her opinion.

Adrian walked down the stairs from his dorms, his Ancient Runes books in one arm. I'm really not in the mood to study, he thought, grimacing. Opening the door, the common room appeared vacated. Closing the door behind him, and upon further inspection, he realized there was a girl sitting in a chair near the fire. "This common room restriction is a pain is it not?" he asked bitterly.

Tracey turned and looks back at Adrian. She was rather surprised to see him, but turned her gaze back to the fire and shrugged. "Sometimes. I don' t mind it very much. It certainly makes the interactions with the other students nearly non-existant...that almost makes it worth it. If it wasn't so boring."

"And this is very true." He crossed over to a table in one of the corners near the fireplace and set down his books rather roughly. Pulling out the chair, he unrolled a piece of parchment and inked his quill nib. Looking down at the book, he asked rather nonchalantely, "Do you have any idea why it is so vacated in here?"

"No," Tracey replied, shortly, and tapped her fingers on the arm of the couch. She saw that he was doing his homework, and she sighed a bit. "Don't be boring. I don't want to go back up to my room yet." And, of course, she had absolutely no interest in watching Miles do his homework.

He smirked, unsure of what to say. "Alright then." He pushed back his chair and walked over, taking a seat in a chair near hers. "So how was your day then, dearest? I trust you had a most wonderful talk with Potter or Granger... perhaps even Bletchley?"

Pleased, Tracey shifted in her chair so that she was sitting close to him, and leaned down on one hand. "Why on earth would I speak to any of them?" She inspected one of her fingernails critically, and yawned a little. "It's hard to find decent people in this school. Hopefully that will change soon..." There was a strange note in Tracey's voice, and she looked up at Miles playfully, but wasn't about to explain.

He raised an eyebrow. "I have noticed. But not to worry, I am sure I can fix at least Bletchley before the end of the term." He paused, as if in thought. Leaning back, his eyes narrowed. "What vexes me is the fact most of the people here seem to have their priorities mixed up." Then, remembering what she had just said, "What do you mean 'Hopefully that will change soon'?"

Tracey laughed, genuinely. "Priorities? Mine are focused on leaving for the holidays, at this point in time. And it will change soon. You'll see." Who knows who overheard things in a commonroom, and Tracey sat back again, feigning innocence on what she'd admitted. "You're going to have to do a lot more than simply ask me."

Perplexed and slightly confused, Adrian masked his curiosity. "The holidays, yes. At least I can look forward to those, although I would be extremely perturbed if I heard they were neglected to us as well. This whole entire lockdown is quite unnerving." He glanced around the room as well. "And I find myself becoming more pressed as far as the N.E.W.T.'s are concerned."

"Oh, I'm not worried about those one bit." The schoolwork talk bored her, and Tracey lost interest in whatever she had been thinking before, and went back to looking at the fire. She wasn't used to naivity towards her suggestive...suggestions, and it was a bit frustrating. Not that it mattered excessively... Draco could always be counted upon to pick up even the tiniest things.

"Oh? Then pray do tell, what do you worry about then?" he asked, a slight smile seeping in to his voice.

She thought about the question. "I don't worry. It gives you wrinkles, and I'm not going to be one of those witches who resorts to any sort of beauty charm. Like Pansy has already had to do."

He laughed slightly, but covered it up rather too late with a cough. "Don't worry, whatever happens, I am sure your visage will not change with age." He winked at her. "Although, if she did resort to using such, it would be rather amusing if the spell went awry."

"I could have that arranged," Tracey said, thoughtfully, and tapped the chair again. "It would be horribly amusing." Although she knew that Pansy would realise who was behind it. It wasn't exactly uncommon knowledge that the two really could not stand eachother.

"You'll always end up---" he cut himself off, purposely, and leaned back in his chair again. "Never fear. I am sure you have mine and Malfoy's sworn alliance, whatever the case." A playful tone slipped into this statement as he looked at her thoughtfully.

"End up what?" Tracey finally looked back at Adrian, and he had her full attention, which was rare.

He looked at her, a sideways grin spreading across his face, an eyebrow raised. "End up getting my attention." He raised his chin a little, whether in arrogance or jest it was hard to tell. "Come on, you must know Parkinson has no chance. Don't you want to show her a little mercy?" he asked sarcastically, amused.

She laughed, although was very flattered at the comment. "Your attention I actually rather enjoy." That was also rare. She tolerated Draco and Adrian and that was about it, save a few other Slytherin boys. If anyone else looked at her they recieved the look of death. one else was good enough. "As for Mercy never got anyone anywhere."

He grinned. "Really now?" He brought a hand up to his mouth, as if posing for thought, and feigned concern. "Perhaps I ought to become more merciful. Would that suit me well?"

"No," Tracey answered, quickly, and looked positively horrified. "We have enough merciful people in this house, and they disgust me."

He let out a genuine laugh, but it lasted only briefly, for the disgust was immenent on his face. "I know, although I must confess I can only come up with one person that is merciful. Sadly, my pride dwindles in our house. What would happen to it if I left? Perhaps Malfoy will straighten every one up after me..."

"I imagine he would. And so would I...and Pansy," Tracey added, with a bit of digust. Pansy was a good Slytherin, and she knew it, but it was the competition factor. Besides, Slytherins weren't supposed to be so irritating.

He placed a hand over hers and laughed sardonically. "I see." He withdrew his hand. "Yes, live on and keep my legacy going, Merlin knows what might happen if this house falls to bits." He paused, wieghing his words carefully, which was rare. "At least Bletchley goes out at the end of the term with me."

He added, "Oh, and don't worry about Pansy. She seems to not have a sense of self-worth like you. Your followers will never falter, they will only grow." He grinned suggestively.

Tracey nodded in silent agreement to the comment about Miles. She watched him thoughtfully, and at the suggestive smile she smiled as well, a bit amused. "You are very confident, aren't you, Adrian? You and Draco have that in common." It was not something that she would admit to be attracted to.

He raised an eyebrow. "And why shouldn't I be? I know what I want, who I am, and where my priorities lie..." And who I would like to put in to misery, he thought, sneering at a vision of Miles.

"You are. And you should be. That's my point." If Tracey really knew how much Adrian really hated Miles, she might be slightly disturbed. She didn't really hate anyone except for Pansy, she just didn't bother investing emotion into people like Miles Bletchley.

"And I suppose you are confident as well," he said, returning the remark with more sincerity than was necessary. He looked around. Miles Bletchley really irked him, especially since he had had the nerve to jinx him and defend a mere Hufflepuff. Turning back to Tracey, he whispered, "You pick your company well, don't you?"

"Always. I don't bother with someone who is not worth my time, afterall." Tracey leaned back in her chair and propped her feet up on the table. It wasn't a very ladylike position, but a sly, carefully thought-out one.

His eyes travelled the length of her body thoughtfully and grinned. Leaning forward, he propped his elbow up on his knee and rested his chin in his hand. "Worth your time? However did I manage that? It's a real blessing, that." He was half playing, half sincere. This was keeping his attention quite well, he was enjoying it.

"Is it?" Tracey knew what he was doing, but she didn't seem to notice outwardly. Instead, she shifted a bit and yawned, closing her eyes again. Despite her suggestive position, Tracey really hadn't been with anyone. She was too picky for that. "I'm glad to hear that. I hope things stay that way."

He chuckled. Very clever, this girl was. Raising an eyebrow, he watched as she closed her eyes. "Tired?"

She responded with a soft "hmm-mm..." She wasn't tired. "I'm only relaxing. Long school day, afterall...everything hurts."

He nodded to himself. He responded rather randomly: "Massages are more relaxing." His mouth stretched in to a slight smile. "Perhaps you ought to look in to them."

"Is that an offer or a tease?" Tracey asked, opening her eyes just a little to look at him, curious.

"However you take it," he said, avoiding her eyes.

The avoidance confused her slightly, but she slowly sat up, and shifted. "An offer, then." Her shoulders really did hurt.

His eyebrows shot up in slight surprise. "Alright then," he said. Standing up, he went up behind her and gingerly shifted her hair over a shoulder. Leaning forward, he whispered into her ear, "Do you want me to press lightly or hard?"

"Hard. I can take it." If Tracey was aware of any insinuations in her response, she pretended not to be aware of it. Yet the simple, soft whisper would be enough to sound as though she was responding to another question altogether.

He stood up straight, amused. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he exerted a considerable amount of force and slid his hands down her shoulder and over her arms, then bringing them back up again.

Tracey stayed surprisingly still as he did that, but leaned back enough for him to feel her hair against his arm. She was relaxed though, and made soft sounds while he worked the knots in her shoulders and arms. "That feels wonderful..."

Bringing his hands up, he carefully worked his fingers over her neck. Sliding a hand lightly down her spine, he began to slowly drag his fingers up her back.

Her spine curled a bit when he did that, and she leaned her head almost all the way back, almost enough for it to touch his shoulder, and tilted up to him. "Go lower...just like that."

"Your wish is my command," he said playfully. Running a hand down her back, he rubbed them roughly along her lower back. "Perhaps you've undergone a little stress, you seem tense." He placed a thumb beside each vertebrae, spreading his fingers and massaging her entire lower back.

Tracey sighed softly, and started to relax underneath his massaging. It felt very, very good. "A little... it's hard to relieve stress when there's so much to do, but this helps..."

He let his hands travel up her back again, pressing a little harder. Then, he bent his head down towards her ear, allowing his lips to brush it, "That's enough for now."

There was another sigh when he did, and Tracey turned her head slightly. "No, don't stop yet...please?"

He smirked and brushed his lips against her hair. "Another time. You seem quite relaxed now." He stood up and ran a hand through his hair. "I must go study now, but if you feel any other tension, let me know." He winked at her and flashed a smile.

Crossing her arms slightly, Tracey nodded, wiggling a bit to get the last of tension out. "All right. Thank you for your...assistance."

"Anytime," he said sincerely, with a bit of a smile playing across his lips. He walked over to the table and grabbed up his books. "It was a pleasure talking to you; let's make a point to converse a bit more often."

She nodded, and waved her hand dismissively. "See you later, Adrian."

He nodded. "Good day then Tracey." He left the room.
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