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Professor Snape sat at his desk, impatiently drumming his fingers on the wood, waiting for Miles Bletchley to show up. If he is late, he will face severe repercussions, he thought, irritated. His behaviour of late has been unacceptable for one of my house, and he will soon find this out. Professor Snape stared at a stack of ungraded essays on his desk, and, thinking that Bletchley would be late, pulled the top one down and took a quill from in front of him and began grading.

"How can these students be so imbecilic?" he muttered to himself whilst grading the first essay, which had many scratched out words and ink spots. "I specifically said no ink spots, and this student--Kay Bundy--has completely ignored my instructions. Miss Bundy, you will receive an F on your abominable essay." He snickered nastily and placed the essay on the other side of his desk, finished.

As Professor Snape was reaching for the next essay, he heard the door creak open. His eyes moved upward, looking to see if it was Bletchley, but not moving his head. "Bletchley," he said nastily. "So glad you finally decided to come."
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