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Severus Snape

Who: Harry Potter and Professor Snape
Where: Potions Dungeons
Rating: PG
Summary: The promised detention

Harry Potter: Harry was on time, but not happily so. He entered the classrooms with his books, and sat down in a seat somewhere near the far away as he could get away with. He didn't look up at Professor Snape, but crossed his arms defensively and waited for whatever punishment he would have coming.

Professor Snape: Professor Snape looked up as he heard Potter enter the room, and a nasty grin crossed his face. "Move up to the front, Potter," Professor Snape snapped. "You'll not be doing your detention from the back of the room." He tapped his fingers impatiently on his desk, waiting for Potter to follow his orders.

Harry Potter: For a moment Harry didn't move. Then he picked up his books, stomped to the front of the room, and slammed them down on the top of a desk closer to the front. He sat down again, scowling, and looked at Professor Snape with almost a challenge.

Professor Snape: Professor Snape raised his left eyebrow slowly. "Do not take that attitude with me, Potter," he said, his voice dangerously calm. He glared at Potter and shook his head. "You already have two months detention; would you care to add another month to your sentence? If you keep behaving in this childish manner, you will." He smirked nastily at Potter, daring him to challenge this.

Harry Potter: Although every part of him wanted to yell and wipe that smirk off Snape's face, Harry was silent. He also forced his expression neutral, although that was a bit more difficult.

Professor Snape: Professor Snape nodded curtly. "Potter, come up here," he said sharply. "You will be going through each of the supplies cabinets--yes, that's right, each of the fifteen supplies cabinets--and labelling ingredients, combining bottles of like ingredients, and throwing away empty bottles or spoiled ingredients." He paused, and continued with, "And if you have any question about whether or not to throw something away, you must ask me. If you throw something away without my consent, the consequences will be more severe than any detention possibly could be."

Harry Potter: The detention sounded almost too boring to be handled. Harry stood up and went over tothe first of the cabinents. "How do I know what to label them?" He asked, coldly, but evenly.

Professor Snape: Professor Snape snorted. "Potter, you just don't understand much, do you?" he said nastily, laughing. "The labels are on the shelf underneath the ingredients. It is your job to make sure they are the correct ingredients for the label on the shelf--use your Potions text for this--and then label the bottle accordingly. If I find that you've messed up, you will be in a world of hurt."

Harry Potter: This sounded like homework. Harry's hands shook with barely restrained anger as he took out the labels and set them on the counter opposite of the cabinents. Then he retrieved his book and went back to the cabinants with it.

Professor Snape: Professor Snape snorted again. "Potter!" he barked. "The labels on the shelves are not to be used on the bottles. The labels on the shelves are to be arranged alphabetically--within all fifteen cabinets, not by cabinet--so all of the ingredients will be in alphabetical order and easy to find. When you have done that, you will begin labelling the bottles."

Harry Potter: Frustrated and angry, Harry threw down the labels and turned and glared at Professor Snape. "Why do I have to this this?? This is stupid! You could arrange those in five seconds if you wanted to!" He meant by doing magic, of course. This busy work was only to torture him, and Harry was well aware of that.

Professor Snape: Professor Snape laughed cruelly. "Careful, Potter, you don't want to end up in another month's detention, do you?" he asked evilly. "Why do you have to do this? Because you were out of bed past curfew last night. Because you're smarting off to me right now. Because I just don't like you, Potter. Is that reason enough?"

Harry Potter: "No," Harry replied, even colder than before. He picked up the labels again, however, and began to label the cabinents as he was instructed. Though, because of the complicity, it was taking him a few minutes to do each one.

Professor Snape: Professor Snape watched Potter intently, making sure that he was doing his task correctly. "Potter!" he barked angrily. "Have you taken all of the labels from each cabinet? If you have not, I recommend you do so right away, or you will be doing this again. The labels need to be in alphabetical order from cabinet one to cabinet fifteen. If there are many ingredients beginning with the letter A, the entirety of cabinet one might be devoted just to the letter A. You will have to decide this on your own, a decision about which I am worried. I will be checking up on you periodically to make sure you are doing the correct thing the correct way, and if you are not, you will be starting entirely over. I recommend you pay attention."

Harry Potter: Harry paused in what he was doing, just briefly, as though he would answer. Then he forced himself to continue, naming the potions over and over in his mind to keep his concentration and his temper. Aersyten...Aerzon...Aesetic... "Fine," he answered, finally, his voice not rude but not exactly polite either.

Professor Snape: Professor Snape nodded sharply. "You do understand me, don't you, Potter?" he asked nastily. "It behooves you to fully comprehend this assignment. If it is not done correctly, you will have shortchanged yourself, and caused a great deal more work for yourself. As it is," Professor Snape paused, looking around the classroom, "this ought to take you at least three weeks. If you mess up just one little label, you will be forced to start over. Be careful."

Harry Potter: "I understand," Harry answered, shortly, and forced himself to work a bit faster. He was nearing Aevernal... He tried to block out Professor Snape's voice, but at the repeated threat of starting over, he clutched one bottle in his hand so tightly that it shattered.

Professor Snape: Professor Snape looked up when he heard the shattering of glass and glared at Potter. "Potter!" he spat angrily. "What was that bottle that you just shattered?" He walked over to the cabinet, waiting for a response.

Harry Potter: Harry bent and picked up a few pieces of glass, though a few were stuck in his hand..he didn't really notice. "Er..." Harry looked at the label he still had in his other hand. "Aestrial..."

Professor Snape: "Potter!" he snarled. "That is a very rare ingredient, found only in small amounts in wand trees. Do you know where the nearest wand tree grove is?" He glared at the offender and the shattered bottle.

Harry Potter: "No." And Harry didn't particularly care, either, though he didn't say that. "Sorry, Professor." He wasn't really sorry, but he'd rather not get more detention at this point...

Professor Snape: "Well, Potter," Professor Snape began nastily, "you're in luck. The nearest grove of wand trees is in the Forbidden Forest. You must go out there--right now--and collect more Aestrial. I, as a professor, must attend, though if it were up to me, I would not and leave you up to your own devices in the forest." Professor Snape stared angrily at Harry, as though Harry had been the one to make the rule that professors had to accompany students into the forest. "This"--he gestured to the cabinets--"will have to be put on hold until we return from the forest and I have extracted Aestrial from the tree. Let's go. Now." He headed out of the classroom, checking every few steps to make sure Harry was still with him.

Harry Potter: Harry stood, shocked, and stared at Professor Snape as if he had three heads. "The Forbidden Forest? Me? With you? No way. I'd rather go by myself!" He didn't trust Snape. No matter what Dumbledore said, Harry did not feel comfortable venturing outside the castle with just Professor Snape as his guide. Especially with Voldemort nearby, and the fact that he could feel him so close...

Professor Snape: Professor Snape raised his eyebrows and his nasty grin turned uglier than it had been. "You're going, and that's the end of it," Professor Snape snapped irritably. "You are not to question my judgments."

Harry Potter: "You'd sooner turn me over to Voldemort than just have me get some ingredient from a tree," Harry retorted, and stood frozen where he was. "You can't make me go. Professor Mcgonagall would never let you..." But she wasn't there. She was with Dumbledore, and Snape was the one in charge for the time being.

Professor Snape: Professor Snape's face turned white with anger, and his shoulders were shaking. "Potter," he spat. "Do not use the Dark Lord's name so freely." Out of habit, he placed his right hand over his left forearm, where his Dark Mark was still deeply imprinted. "And yes, Potter, I can make you go," he snarled nastily. "I can make you go with one wave of my wand." Professor Snape glared at Harry, very angry. "But trust me, Potter, you would much rather go willingly than have me put you under Imperius." His eyes bored holes into Harry's skull, impatiently awaiting an answer.

Harry Potter: He was quiet, for a long pause, weighing his options carefully. It might a better idea if Snape was to take him directly to Voldemort. Then, at least, all of these games of cat and mouse would be over with. Harry considered this, and then raised his eyes back to Snape. There was no fear there, just anger, and pride. "Fine."

Professor Snape: Professor Snape saw the pride in Harry's eyes and said quietly but sharply, "You're just like your father, Potter... always up for a challenge but only for the glory." He whirled around and started walking quickly out of the castle, checking every few steps to make sure Harry was still behind him. Once he reached the edge of the forest, he stopped, waiting for Potter.
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