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Baking Bill

Who: Bill Weasley and anyone else at 12 Grimmauld Place
Where: The kitchen of 12 Grimmauld Place
Rating: Well there really isn't anything more wholesome in the world than baking cookies, now is there?
Summary: Bill gets the urge to try his hand at baking cookies... the muggle way.

Bill opened up the antique oven just in time to be met with a cloud of smoke thicker than anything a Hungarian Horntail could belch out on its best day. Coughing loudly, he pulled his wand out of his back pocket, squinting his eyes shut as he pointed it towards the thick smoke.

"Brevis ventus!"

A small breeze filled the room, breaking apart the smoke cloud and filtering it out to other parts of the house. Bill would worry about getting rid of the rest of it later. Right now he had more pressing business at hand, such as the state of his third attempt at a batch of cookies. Leaning over with roughly as much trepidation as one about to look up a haunted chimney, he peered in at the tray and the many small black circles that now dotted it.

"Oh bollocks... burnt them again."

With another swish of his wand, Bill had the tray levitating itself out of the oven and heading over to the waste basked, which was all ready close to overflowing with various blackened lumps from his previous attempts. Once the tray had dumped out its contents, he had it set itself back down on the kitchen counter as Bill went back to the flour and batter-caked bowl beside it and set about reorganizing the ingredients for another go at it.

"I've really got to remember to thank Mum for doing all the cooking for me for so many years... this is bloody impossible!"

Reaching for the oversized bag of chocolate chips, Bill measured out another one and a half cups of chocolate pieces to pour into the bowl, pausing for now the third time to pop some into his mouth. Stirring up the thickened contents with a wooden spoon, Bill blew a stray strand of Weasley-red hair out of his face, knowing that his cheeks were probably already smeared with flour.

"Well... fourth time's the charm, I guess."

After spreading out several more globs of dough onto the tray (and after scraping off the remains of the last three tries) Bill sent the new batch levitating into the oven again while grabbing the bag of chocolate chips and sitting down on top of the kitchen table with his dragon hide boots propped up on one of the chairs. He tossed several more chip into his mouth while glaring at the oven door defiantly.

"That's right, you bloody wanker... I'm watchin' you this time, so no more funny business!"

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Tonks had the rest of the afternoon off, no classes and nothing else to be doing. She needed to escape the school grounds, the young ones were growing restless and the males... No comment... She locked herself in her office after being attacked by a group of second years NEEDING to know when things could go back to normal.

She gave a sigh of relief as she leant up against the cool brick wall.
"I don't want to be here anymore..." She whispered to herself. Then quick as a flash she walked to her fire place, lit a fire, grabbed some floo powder and was on her way. She brushed herself off when she arrived and looked around the small dining room. Her attire today was the dumb blonde, she had felt like playing the fool even more of a fool today.

Tonks had never been a great fan of robes, throwing them off and into the corner she was left in a plain black dress.
"Hello...?" She said quietly looking around
Bill looked up from his busy work of stuffing his face with chocolate chips while glaring down the oven at the sound of a familiar voice in the dining hall. He started to get up, then paused and glanced back at the oven door.

No... no, that's what it wants me to do... the tricky bastard.

Clearing his throat instead, he continued his brooding vigil over the oven, waiting for it to make it's wicked move against his cookie-making agenda.

"Tonks, that you? I'm in the kitchen, luv! Come on in here and sit a spell, eh?"

It was nice to hear another voice in the house, as things had been frightfully boring with everyone being away so often. Going to the bank to file papers had almost looked like a fun alternative lately.
She flounced in excitedly and sat in a wooden chair in the corner.
"Watcha!" She said crossing her long fishnet stockinged legs. She smiled at the dirty dishes and all around mess of the kitchen.

"Having fun?" She asked raising her eyebrows and twirling a loose blonde strand. Her green eyes sparkled in amusement as she noted the chocolate covering the eldest Weasley's lips.
Bill looked up as Tonks entered the room and took a seat in one of the chairs he wasn't currently using as a footrest. He smiled welcomingly at her, putting his bag of chocolate chips to the side for the moment.

"Ah, not much really, just tryin' to crack the mystery of baking cookies. It's more difficult than I'd thought it would be."

He gestured to the oven, taking another look to make sure there wasn't any smoke coming out of it quite yet.

"I suppose I could just conjure some up, but these are the sorts of things you wanna put some heart into, ya know? So I thought I'd try it the muggle way and... well, things aren't exactly going so smoothly."

His expression turned sheepish as he eyed the dustbin full of burnt cookies.

"Don't s'pose you know any secrets for makin' the perfect batch of cookies, do you luv?"
“Oh it does look quite difficult!” She said eyeing the bin full of burnt cookies. She crossed the room and wiped a smear of chocolate off the red heads lips.

“Maybe you need a woman’s touch!” She said turning the oven down from the ridiculously high heat too a regular oven temperature.
“Men…” She said winking and smiling
“What would you do without us?” She asked sitting on the bench top. She looked around the kitchen, it was exactly as she remembered it and it sure was warm in here.
Bill couldn't help but smirk a bit as Tonks wiped the chocolate from his mouth. Sometimes he amazed even himself with his pure talent for being so perfectly... well, Bill. After Tonks removed the reminents of the chocolate kisses that had been there moments before, he took a moment to lick his lips for good measure.

“Maybe you need a woman’s touch! Men… What would you do without us?”

Cocking his head to one side, Bill watched as Tonks simply turned one of the knobs on the oven. How she knew where to place it was beyond him - he'd simply turned it as far as it would go so he'd be sure the bloody thing was turned on.

"Well I know what I wouldn't be able to do, certainly."

He paused, leaning back a bit where he sat on the kitchen table, raising an eyebrow at Tonks as he let her ponder what he'd meant for a moment.

"Cooking. I wouldn't bloody touch this stuff."

Bill winked playfully, his flirting coming as naturally as air to his lungs.
She laughed softly and swung her legs back and forth.
"Oh yes Cooking that's it!" She said with a giggle. It was good to be back here, this place was the closest thing to home she had, the school seemed sterile and depressing but here, it was warm and comfortable.

She grabbed a few chocolate chips and put them in her mouth one by one smiling at the wall and twirling a loose blond strand.
"Without women you may have to revert to using males!" She said pausing for effect
"To help you cook, of course." She said with a wide grin