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Play Thread.

When: Evening.
Where: The PLAY.
WHO IT INVOLVES: EVERYONE please try to post SOMETHING on this. This is the place to do whatever prank you may have. Involvement, please! Mary and I do appreciate all the posting that's been going on, however. She's been busy, poor girl! And I will be too until after this weekend, but I'd promised to do this, and so here it is!


The lights had dimmed and the shuffling of impatient feet had finally ceased into a silence. The makeshift, shimmering red curtains were drawn, and the Great Hall was filled with a silence, save for the irritated murmurs of Slytherin students who would rather be anywhere else. Many first years laughed nervously at the older students' jokes, but were quickly hushed by several teachers. Too much effort had been put into this play for any student to ruin it now, and not only Hermione Granger would be seeing to that. A detention for every word spoken was the threat towards anyone who dared to try and interrupt the play in progress.

Many students had parents who arrived to see the performance, despite the threat of Voldemort in the area, but there was enough room for everyone in the school to see without any trouble.

Earlier, it hadn't taken very long for the students to transform the Great Hall into a stage. Susan Bones' backdrops had been transported with delicate care, and now hung beautifully from the top of the stage, each charmed. Golden ropes held each side apart, and glittered in the dim light. The setting was beautiful, magical, and gave a sense of awe.

Each scene and performance was greeted by heavy applause, and the play was going along rather smoothly.

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