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Happiness is an open book

Who: Justin and anyone else in the library
Where: The Library
When: Late Afternoon
Why: To pick up some light reading
Rating: PG?
Method: Thread-based

Justin perused the library shelves, one finger tracing along the thick spines of the books crammed into the endless line of bookcases he was currently looking at. Having already completed his homework, he was searching for an interesting read for later tonight in the Hufflepuff common room. He'd already completed his homework, including the assignments due by the end of the week. It had grown to be a bit of a habit with him, as he'd always leave class so eager to impress his professors that he would almost immediately start in on his work. He liked finishing his studies while still in the mood for such things, so that later when the mood had left him he would have the free time to do other things.

It was those sort of studying skills that had lead to his acceptance to Eton years ago. His mother had been so proud and more than willing to pay the lofty tuition for him to attend high school with the intellectual and social elite. However, Justin could hardly compare the thought of studying at Eton to that of studying at Hogwarts, and so he'd chosen to forgo the best education muggle money could buy in order to find himself where he was now. He never regretted this decision, not even in that moment second year just before he was petrified by the basilisk. Rubbing elbows with royalty couldn't hold a candle to attending Hogwarts in his book.

Ah! Here we go!

Pausing in his journey down the length of the library, Justin grasped at the edges of a large, relatively dusty book and shimmied it out from between the books on either side. As it finally pulled free, Justin found himself stumbling backwards a bit at the sudden unexpected weight in his arms. Grinning widely, he hauled the book back over to one of the reading tables, placing it carefully down so as not to make too much noise. Sitting down in front of his find, he noticed with a slight pang of disappointment that there wasn't anyone else currently sitting at the table with him. Sighing quietly to himself, he turned his concentration back on his book.

Here we go! "Beatrix Bandiweather's Book of Bewitching Blossoms and how to Arrange them". Oh I do hope this one includes some illustrations...

Swinging open the creaking leather-bound cover of the book, Justin paused once more to glance up around the room, on the off chance that maybe someone new would enter the room - someone he could talk to. As excited as he was about the book he'd found, he hated to be alone, even when just reading.

Perhaps I should just return to the common room...

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