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Evil is lurking everywhere, even where you least expect it. Someone is a traitor, someone is being betrayed. Some people can stopper death, but, for others, there is no escaping it. In this universe, no one can be trusted. How will you survive when Expecto Patronum just might not be enough any more?

This is Patronus RPG, where not everything is as it seems.


The year of 1996 has been rather eventful for Harry Potter and his friends.  The end of the year brought death, sadness, and terror as Lord Voldemort made his presence known to the wizarding world once more, Harry's godfather disappeared through a mysterious veil, presumably to his death, and the Boy Who Lived learned the horrible truth behind his enmeshed life with Voldemort.  Harry was shuffled off to yet another dreadful summer with the Dursley's, despite all of the trauma he had just experienced, because the Dursley's were the only barrier between the boy and Voldemort.  Meanwhile, the Dementors all but abandoned Azkaban, leaving to follow Voldemort's rule.  Anyone who opposes him or gets in his way will be disposed of by the Dark Lord's new allies - including badly behaved Death Eaters. Wizards everywhere are on edge, living in fear that they too will be next. Not even Voldemort's most trusted servants are safe.

And, of course, the school year didn't get any better for Harry and his friends.  Perhaps the only good that came of it was the return of Sirius Black, who had traveled through the space-time continuum and wound up in Egypt, discovered by the enigmatic Bill Weasley.  At the Sorting Feast, Dumbledore fell suddenly and mysteriously ill.  New DADA professor Charles Weasley was never formally charged, but was highly suspect in the Headmaster's illness.  Weasley later stepped down due to the scrutiny and was replaced by Auror Nymphadora Tonks.  With Dumbledore incapacitated, Snape and McGonagall stepped up as Interim Headmasters, trying to bring peace to the school.  In an effort to calm the students, a Hogsmeade visit was scheduled -- which was perhaps the biggest mistake anyone could have made.  There, Voldemort made his grand re-entrance into society, along with his Death Eaters and Dementors.  Several were killed in the surprise attack, including students Kevin Entwhistle, Theodore Nott, and Sally-Anne Perks, as well as Auror and Order member Kingsley Shacklebolt, and even Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge.  Voldemort did not escape unscathed, however; he was injured and slipped away, despite the best efforts by Aurors and Order members.   

Voldemort would not slip away silently, however.  He ordered his Death Eaters to send up the Dark Mark wherever they live, telling the wizarding world that Voldemort was not to be trifled with, that he had supporters worldwide who would follow him to the ends of the earth.  After a Dark Mark went up near Hogwarts, the Order took Harry into hiding.  He was later returned to school once the danger had allegedly subsided, but the damage was already done.  Harry, already angry from his treatment after the Department of Mysteries incident, is more irate than ever.

Voldemort wants to win this war. He wants control, and he won't let some scruffy band of children and nitwits take that away from him.

Taken Characters

* indicates that the character is played by a moderator.


Lavender Brown :: lavender_ep
Seamus Finnigan :: seamus_ep
Hermione Granger :: hermione_ep
Andrew Kirke :: andrew_ep*
Neville Longbottom :: neville_ep
Parvati Patil :: parvati_ep
Harry Potter :: harry_ep*
Dean Thomas :: dean_ep
Ronald Weasley :: rweasley_ep



Hannah Abbott :: hannah_ep
Susan Bones :: susan_ep
Justin Finch-Fletchley :: justin_ep
Wayne Hopkins :: wayne_ep
Zacharias Smith :: zacharias_ep



Terry Boot ::
Cho Chang ::
Michael Corner :: michael_ep
Stephen Cornfoot :: stephen_ep
Luna Lovegood :: luna_ep
Padma Patil :: padma_ep
Lisa Turpin :: lisa_ep



Miles Bletchley :: miles_ep
Millicent Bulstrode :: millicent_ep
Tracey Davis :: tracey_ep
Daphne Greengrass :: daphne_ep
Draco Malfoy :: draco_ep
Pansy Parkinson :: pansy_ep
Adrian Pucey :: pucey_ep
Blaise Zabini :: blaise_ep

Order of the Phoenix

Sirius Black :: black_ep
Remus Lupin :: lupin_ep
Bill Weasley :: bill_ep
Nymphadora Tonks :: tonks_ep


Death Eaters

Rabastan Lestrange :: rabastan_ep
Lucius Malfoy :: lucius_ep



Minerva Mcgonagall :: minerva_ep
Severus Snape :: snape_ep


Narcissa Malfoy :: narcissa_ep


Available for Immediate Adoption
  an application is still required for these characters; all characters have some backstory

Ginevra Weasley :: ginny_ep
Bellatrix Lestrange :: bellatrix_ep
Rodolphus Lestrange :: rodolphus_ep
Lord Voldemort :: voldemort_ep
Ernie Macmillan :: ernie_ep

Our Prophet (Newspaper)


Rules and Regulations

You must read the rules before applying. It will make everyone much happier. The rules are available in the community memories, and at this post here. Trust us, you don't want to see what happens if you don't read the rules. It's not pretty.


Do not send us some other application.  We appreciate the fact that many players have "character sheets" that they have worked up.  However, if you show us that you can't follow directions by submitting something other than our application, well, that doesn't bode well for the future.  Make sure that you have answered all questions that you are asked before putting in extraneous information.

In general, we are looking for mature, experienced role-players with a good grasp on the English language. However, the mods are both insane, and so we'd like players who want to form a good sense of community and still know how to have fun. If you've got a specific storyline that you've been dying to use, or want to involve your character(s) in, the mods are open to suggestions.

Send the following details to expectomoderators@yahoo.com .  If you do not receive a response within three days, it means that you have not been accepted.  (We will inform you upon your application if there is any reason why the decision will be delayed.)  This is stated plainly in the rules, which means that people are not reading our rules clearly enough.

Experience (please provide URL's to either journals or logs):
Who you've played:
Your AIM name (so we can ping you -- not an AIM name for the character you'll be playing here):
Which character you'd like to play:

(Please don't just copy & paste this from the Lexicon, give your own ideas)

Age (or estimated age, if unknown):
General appearance:
An entry in the first person (two paragraphs):
An entry in storyboard/third person format (three paragraphs):

Random Sentence from you:
What characters were killed in the attack on Hogsmeade?
How often do you need to post before we come and eat your spleen?
What's your favourite fruit?

With regard to the entries, you can go over that amount of paragraphs if you like, we're anticipating a few Hermione's ;) Also, they can be about anything so long as they're from your characters perspective -- if you want to make them emotional or funny or silly, that's fine. Just write them up in the way you think is best. And remember, one sentence does not a paragraph make!

[Disclaimer Just to clarify for anyone who stumbles across this, neither moderator is JK Rowling and we're not Warner Brothers, or anything affiliated with Warner Brothers or the Harry Potter franchise. If we were, we wouldn't be sitting around making roleplay journals and games. Also, we would like to say that a lot of the previous designs were created by the original mods, and have been tweaked by the ones who have taken over. The banner above is made by our resident Luna Lovegood, as Harry!mod is only a child of the evil PAINT program.]

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